Clinic of Dermatology of the Health Centre 4 Riga, Latvia

Currently Clinic of Dermatology of the Health Centre 4 is the largest and most contemporary centre of this sector in Latvia. Dermatologists, dermatovenerologists, laser treatment specialists, podiatric specialists (therapeutic foot care specialists), phlebologists (vein doctors), urologists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons work here.

Clinic offers state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment of acute and chronic skin diseases, as well as vein diseases with the application of latest technologies and work of highly qualified specialists. Various fields of specialization allow each doctor to have in-depth knowledge in one or the other sub-sector of dermatology. Dermatologists of the HC4 regularly improve their professional qualification and skills in trainings and workshops participating in local or international congresses, workshops and trainings of dermatologists.

Business card of the clinic is complex diagnostics and treatment where doctor’s in close cooperation secure the most effective solutions of the patient’s problems. Also children and babies can receive services of the doctor’s of the clinic.

50 Skanstes, Riga, LV-1013