City Tervisekliinik Tallinn, Estonia

We’ve opened a new clinic in the centre of Tallinn, on the 5th floor of Foorum Centre, to provide private and personalised medical services in a warm and cosy setting. What’s more, we offer health consultations and conduct regular check-ups. Children are also welcome, as our paediatrician and family doctor will help you out with advice and, if necessary, treatment. We provide vaccinations, consultations and help to families.

We have time to be here for you – we’re not in a constant hurry. We really listen to you.

It’s important to us that all our people and families are healthy.

We provide help to men and women alike. At our clinic you can consult a gynaecologist or an andrologist.

For specialised care, patients can visit an endocrinologist, urologist (andrologist), gynaecologist, paediatrician, dermatologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist or family doctor.

We offer complete services in one and the same clinic.

Narva mnt 5, Tallinn 10117, Estonia